Jim Mansfield



James R. Mansfield

Summary of Qualifications

·         20 years of experience in biomedical imaging and spectroscopy application and instrumentation development, familiar with the instrumentation and applications of all pre-clinical in vivo imaging modalities and the vast majority of microscopy imaging modalities.

·         45 publications and 7 issued patents to date; associate editor of the American Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging; invited speaker and session chair for a variety of small animal imaging conference sessions.

·         Product manager and senior applications scientist for the Nuance™ and Maestro™ imaging systems, each with over 20% CAGR in sales from 2004 to present.

·         Extensive experience in imaging experiments, including the choice of appropriate imaging methods, implementation of a range of image analysis methods and with experimental design which will enable the extraction of statistically relevant data from the images.

·         Involved with all aspects of the hardware and software design, development, sales, customer training and application development for the CRi Maestro™ in vivo imaging system, winner of R&D Magazine’s Top 100 Inventions of 2005 award.

·         Primary developer and thought-leader for commercial in vivo pharmacokinetic fluorescence imaging methodologies (DyCE™, or Dynamic Contrast Enhancement) for IVIS™ and Maestro™ imaging systems

Professional Experience


Director, Tissue Analysis Applications

·         Senior applications scientist for the Nuance, TRIO, inForm and Vectra microscopy imaging product lines

·         Responsible for system and software applications and sales training for direct North American sales staff and world-wide distributor network for the microscopy and Maestro small animal imaging product lines

·         Senior speaker for public speaking engagements at conferences, workshops, regional symposiums and local colloquia, and for technical sales and applications presentations to prospective customers around the world.

·         Working with customers to develop key application areas for our instrumentation, including the multiplexed imaging and quantitation of miRNA and its putative target protein and a fluorescence imaging transplantation graft assessment methodology


Director, Multispectral Imaging Systems

·         Product manager and senior applications scientist for the Nuance™ and Maestro™ imaging systems, each with over 20% CAGR in sales from 2004 to present. Responsible over the years for virtually all aspects of the instruments, including hardware, software and application development, after-sales support, customer and sales staff training and marketing materials.

·         Recipient of numerous awards, including: The Scientist Magazine Top 10 Innovations for 2010 (Maestro Dynamic); Frost & Sullivan US Optical Imaging Technologies in Drug Discovery Product Line Strategy Award, 2009; SPIE and Laurin Publishing Prism Award Finalist, 2009 (Maestro with DyCE); Cleveland Clinic Top 10 Medical Innovations, 2008 (Nuance); R&D Magazine’s R&D 100 Award, 2005 (Maestro).

·         Participated in the writing, work and reporting for numerous NIH grants for both in vivo imaging and microscopy, including one to develop an optical tomographic 3D fluorescence imaging system (“Maestro 3D”) and one to commercialize the in vivo pharmacokinetic fluorescence imaging methodologies (“DyCE”)

HYPERMED, INC.     2002-2004

Chief Technology Officer

·         Co-founder and sole full-time employee of a small start-up company commercializing skin oxygenation imaging systems for burn and wound therapy, diabetic foot ulcer management and non-invasive shock assessment

·         Responsible for all aspects of the technology for the company from conceptualization to implementation of imaging systems for pre-clinical trials.

·         Principal investigator for three funded Department of Defense grant proposals for the use of hyperspectral imaging in shock monitoring

ARGOSE, INC.           1999-2002

Director of Analysis

·         Key scientist in a large team of scientists researching the methodologies necessary for the development of a practical non-invasive glucose monitor for home consumer use.

·         Responsible for the management, development, hiring, and growth as well as the research goals of the Analysis Group, which grew to be a nine-person group, including five direct reports.

·         A member of the senior management team at Argose, responsible for developing and working to meet timelines, research plans, budgets, and also to provide the majority of the scientific data that was required in support of fund raising efforts..

·         Worked closely with the engineering department at Argose during the development of research-grade spectrometers and prototype instrumentation, providing key input on analytical methodologies, spectroscopic trade-offs and data handling issues necessary to optimize the ability to measure glucose in vivo.


Technical Officer, TO-4

·         Designed, developed and implemented practical multispectral imaging systems for human and animal studies using a novel liquid crystal tunable filter (LCTF) technology.

·         Assisted and collaborated with IBD researchers who needed multivariate analysis methodologies to analyze their spectroscopic and imaging data.

·         Co-developed a research program for the use of multispectral imaging in burn and wound assessment and the imaging of works of art.


Chemist, CH02

·         Worked as an analytical chemist performing identification analyses of drugs of abuse for courtroom testimony. This included all of the analysis, calibration, SOPs and other documentation necessary for a validated presentation before the court.

·         Very familiar with many analytical instrumentation techniques, including HPLC, GC, GC-MS, FT-IR and NMR.


MSc, Chemistry, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, 1991

BSc, Chemistry and Biology, University of Winnipeg, Winnipeg, 1989


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 Issued Patents

1.                               US #7,899,518 Non-invasive tissue glucose level monitoring

2.                               US #7,289,835 Multivariate analysis of green to ultraviolet spectra of cell and tissue samples

3.                               US #7,013,172 Hyperspectral imaging calibration device

4.                               US #6,810,279 Hyperspectral imaging calibration device

5.                               US #6,721,582 Non-invasive tissue glucose level monitoring

6.                               US #6,640,130 Integrated imaging apparatus

7.                               US #6,424,859 Diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis in vivo using a novel spectroscopic approach

Published Patent Applications

1.                               US 20040236229 Integrated imaging device

2.                               EP 1226462 Interface medium for tissue surface probe

3.                                  WO 03010510 Adjunct quantitative system and method for non-invasive measurement of in vivo analytes

4.                               WO 03010561 Optical coupler for measuring tissue fluorescence

5.                               US 20010034477 Multivariate analysis of green to ultraviolet spectra of cell and tissue samples

6.                               US 20020058864 Reduction of spectral site to site variation

7.                               US 20020133080 Layered calibration standard for tissue sampling

8.                                  US 20020010401 Pre- and post-processing of spectral data for calibration using multivariate analysis techniques

9.                               US 20010039483 Reduction of inter-subject variation via transfer standardization

Short Courses

Richard M. Levenson, James R. Mansfield, “Spectral imaging in medicine and biology” SPIE, San Jose, 2005, 2006

Chris van der Loos, James R. Mansfield “Multicolor immunohistochemistry: staining methods and multispectral imaging and analysis” National Society of Histotechnologists Annual Meeting, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012



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